Why TAP2educate?

"An equal society simply means that one can thrive in his or her chosen path without reference to what another has that he or she lacks. Quality education allows us to accept and embrace diversity knowing that each strong individual adds up to build a strong nation. It will take an entire generation to achieve this transformation but we can be pioneers. We can start now! #TAP2educate"

"The TAP classroom inverts traditional teaching, delivering instruction online while promoting active learning methods that increase student engagement, deepen understanding of concepts, and advanced mastery of skills in class."


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    Change in Teaching and Learning Methods

    The idea behind the initiative is to bring some positive change to the way teaching and learning is done in our part of the world. More specifically, using our tablet devices pre-loaded with educational content aligned with the Ghana Education Service curriculum, we seek to deliver individualized and intuitive learning to students all over Africa, particularly those in public schools.

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    Additionally, students — and consumers in general — are becoming more comfortable using tablets for advanced tasks. According to a new Nielsen survey, 35% of tablet owners said they used their desktop computers less often or not at all now, and 32% of laptop users said the same. Most tellingly, more than 75% of tablet owners said they used their tablet for tasks they once used their computers for.

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    Accessible and Developmentally Appropriate

    The advent of the touch screen has truly become a game changer for education. It has made technology accessible and developmentally appropriate for younger children who are still developing motor skills. (Even 1-year-olds can use tablets). Tablets will one day become ubiquitous in classrooms from pre-kindergarten through high school because of these three differentiating factors.


"Every child deserves quality education. It is important for us to recognize this and discover exciting ways to learn. We must ensure education keeps up with technology and not be afraid to take a leap into the future."
- Kweku Quansah