What we do


The #Roadshow is an event TAP2educate holds to promote brand awareness and exposure. Here the team will identify a number of schools and dispatch the TAP Tablets to them. Once there, demonstrations are held to convince students, teachers, and school administrators about the effectiveness of the TAP devices as a tool for teaching and learning.Each student is given an opportunity to interact with the devices and complete several exercises from our pre-loaded content.


TAP2educate, in our effort to deliver individualized intuitive education, regularly hosts various conferences and the like, with students from many schools. These conferences aren't only aimed at promoting the use of TAP Tablets but also, to educate the African Child.


"Every child deserves quality education. It is important for us to recognize this and discover exciting ways to learn. We must ensure education keeps up with technology and not be afraid to take a leap into the future."
- Kweku Quansah